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3-Button Keyless Car Remote Control for Ford Fairlane, Fairmont, Falcon, Territory

3-Button Keyless Car Remote Control for Ford Fairlane, Fairmont, Falcon, Territory

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Item Description

High-quality aftermarket remote control for Ford utes/wagons
Compatible with Ford ute/wagon models Fairlane BA, Fairlane BF, Fairmont BA, Fairmont BF, Falcon BA, Falcon BF, Territory SX, Territory SY, and many FPV, XR6, and XR8 variants

Item Specifications

Item type Car remote control (aftermarket)
Condition Brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged
Compatibility Ford utes/wagons (select models)
Buttons 3
Color Black
Battery Included

Package Content

1 × Car remote control (aftermarket)
1 × Battery
1 × User manual


  1. Sit in the car with your keys and remotes.
  2. Close the driver side door.
  3. Insert the key into ignition and turn to first click (that is, accessories position, which can turn on the radio). This should be done within 10 seconds of closing the door.
  4. Press the rear demist button 3 times. This should be done within 3 seconds of turning the key.
  5. At this point, the door locks should cycle. If it does not happen, start the process again. That is, take the key out of ignition, open the driver side door, then repeat from step 2.
  6. Once in learn mode, all existing remotes will be deleted from the car's memory. Click any button on the remote and wait for the door locks to cycle. When the door locks cycle, this confirms that the current remote has been accepted into the car's memory.
  7. Repeat step 6 for other remotes (if saving more than one).
  8. Remove the key from ignition. Step out of the car, and verify that every button on the remote is performing as required.


Remote Store Australia distributes a variety of remote controls, including those for televisions, air conditioners, DVD players, gaming consoles, garage doors, and passenger vehicles. Our products are compatible with devices produced by various manufacturers and serve as substitutes for original remote controls. They are generic and non-branded, manufactured by third parties, and designed to resemble and function similarly to original remote controls. However, please note that these products are not genuine or copyrighted and are not authorized, endorsed, or approved by the original manufacturers.

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