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4-Button Garage Door Remote Control for B&D TriTran BD2, BD4, TB2, TB4, TB5

4-Button Garage Door Remote Control for B&D TriTran BD2, BD4, TB2, TB4, TB5

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Item Description

High-quality aftermarket remote control for B&D TriTran garage door openers
Compatible with B&D BD2, BD4, TB2, TB4, and TB5
Compatible with B&D Controll-A-Door Diamond PD (Power Drive), Controll-A-Door P, Controll-A-Door P Diamond, Controll-A-Door P Diamond WQ (Whisper Quiet), and Controll-A-Door S
Compatible with RDO-1V2, RDO-1V2 FM, RDO-2V2 EL, SDO-1V2 P, SDO-2V1 PD, SDO-2V2 PD, SDO-3V1 CADS, SDO-3V1 EL, and SDO-3V2 CADS
Control up to 4 doors

Item Specifications

Item type Garage door remote control (aftermarket)
Condition Brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged
Compatibility B&D garage door openers (select models)
Frequency 433.47 MHz, 433.92 MHz, 434.37 MHz
Coding Rolling code
Buttons 4
Battery Included

Package Content

1 × Garage door remote control (aftermarket)
1 × Battery
1 × Keyring


  1. Simultaneously press and hold buttons 1 and 2 on the new remote. The red light on the remote should illuminate. If it does not happen, repeat this step with buttons 3 and 4.
  2. Continue to hold both buttons on the remote until the light goes out. This confirms that the frequency of the remote is correctly matched with the frequency of the motor.
  3. Locate the Code Set button on your motor. If a see-through plastic cover is present over the button, remove it.
  4. Press the Code Set button on the motor once and immediately release. A red light on the motor should illuminate.
  5. Press and release (for 1-2 seconds) the button on the new remote that you want to link with the motor. The light on the motor should begin to flash.
  6. Press again the same button on the new remote. The light on the motor should stop flashing. This confirms that the current remote is now programmed to operate the door.
  7. If the remote fails to operate the door after programming, you may have accidentally switched the frequency. This often happens if you accidentally hold buttons together. To rectify this problem, repeat steps 1 and 2.


Remote Store Australia distributes a variety of remote controls, including those for televisions, air conditioners, DVD players, gaming consoles, garage doors, and passenger vehicles. Our products are compatible with devices produced by various manufacturers and serve as substitutes for original remote controls. They are generic and non-branded, manufactured by third parties, and designed to resemble and function similarly to original remote controls. However, please note that these products are not genuine or copyrighted and are not authorized, endorsed, or approved by the original manufacturers.

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