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Avanti Compatible Remote

Avanti Compatible Remote

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The product that you will receive is the item that is being pointed to by the arrows which is an aftermarket compatible remote.


  • Slimfit
  • N3588
  • SDO10
  • SDO-21 TP/BP
  • RDO10
  • T12/S12
  • MPS 12
  • MPS12
  • MPS 21
  • DPS D12/D20
  • SDO-3 DC
  • SDO-P
  • SDO-1
  • SDO-21 DPS
  • SDO-21 MPS
  • Avanti TX4 Remote (not compatible with mHouse)
  • Please ensure that your original remote is pictured and your motor model number is listed to ensure compatibility.


Remote Includes
  • Free Battery
  • Free Keychain
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • In-built Battery
  • Button Protector


Avanti/Centurion Instructions

Coding a new remote:

Locate the learn/code set button on the motor (usually under the lamp cover or on the back of the motor). Press the learn button once and immediately release the button. A light on the motor will illuminate. Press the button on the new remote you wish to operate the door once. The light on the motor will extinguish. Press the same button on the new remote a second time and the light on the motor will begin to flash rapidly. Once the light stops flashing, press the button on the new remote a third time and it will operate the door.


If the remote did not successfully code to the motor and you only get a continuous flashing light on the motor, you may have held the learn button down too long. Open and close the door four times using an existing remote and try code in the new remote again.


Please Note: The remote may have a blue film contact on the front of the remote which may appear scratched. This can be peeled off to reveal a metal finish.

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