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Elsema Compatible Remote

Elsema Compatible Remote

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Replaces Remote Models:

(Just as a general guideline, if the remote you currently use is one of the remotes pictured in the listing then our remote should be compatible with your motor)


Please Note: Your original remote must have 12 DIP switches located inside of the remote
Please Note: This remote will have less range than the genuine Elsema remote
Please Note: Remote Pro™ distributes remote controls which are compatible with the
door or gate motors and receivers produced by other manufacturers, and
which are substitutes for remote controls produced by those manufacturers.
Except where a product is expressly stated to be a “genuine”
remote, our remote controls are not produced by, and are not authorised,
endorsed or approved by these manufacturers.



Transmitter Frequency: 27.145 MHz
Battery: 23A 12V
Coding Type: Fixed
Control up to 1 door

Remote Includes:

Free Battery
Heavy Duty Design
In-built Battery

1. Remove your original remotes battery cover to reveal 12 little switches 2. Unscrew the back of the new remote to reveal the same 12 switches 3. Change the new remotes switches to match the old remote 4. Close both remotes and test Please note: After copying the switches, if the remotes does not operate the door, please try the switches on the new remote in reverse (Position of switch 12 on the old remote will be the position of switch 1 on the new remote, position of switch 11 on the old remote will be the position of switch 2 on the new remote ect)

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